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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bhelpuri Hari Chutney

How to make Spicy Bhelpuri Chutney | Green Chutney for Chaat Recipes | Spicy Hari Chutney | Kacche Aam Aur Pudina Ki Chutney 

Hello Friends,

Today I'm going to share one more variation of my favorite chutney. Sharing recipe with step by step pics..

Today's chutney recipe is best suited for Bhelpuri and this recipe is based on the availability of all the seasonal ingredients. Chutney is the heart and soul of chaat items and I love to explore and keep trying different permutation and combination to get the perfect desired taste. 

My definition of chutney is something which is very light, fresh, spicy, lip smacking, refreshing and perfect amalgamation of all the ingredients.. 

While drafting this recipe, I'm mesmerized with all the heart touching and overwhelming compliments which I keep receiving from my family and friends. In fact, those compliments at times surprise me as what's so great in my chutney recipe as I always try to make it real simple.. 

Today's recipe is best suited for our Bhelpuri recipe and credit goes to all the ingredients which works great in this recipe. 

Let's get started 

☑Recipe details 

♨Type - Accompaniment 
♨Cuisine - Indian 
♨Preparation time - 3-5 minutes 
♨Cooking time - nil

☑Ingredients required 

✔2 cups coriander leaves
✔1 cup Mint Leaves 
✔8-10 green chillies (or adjust according to your preference)
✔1 medium onion
✔1 small (60-80 grams) Raw Mango - Kaccha Aam -.Kacchi Keri OR
✔1-2 tbsp lemon juice OR
✔1-2 tbsp tamarind pulp
✔½ cup water or as per need
✔Salt to taste

♨Step 1 Mise en place

Mint leaves - stems removed - nicely washed
Coriander leaves - washed and roughly chopped.
Kacchi Keri - peeled and roughly chopped. 
Onion - peeled and roughly chopped. 
Green chillies - washed and roughly chopped.

☑Step 2 Blend

◾Combine all the ingredients mentioned above in a blender Jar. Cover tightly and blend until smooth.

◾Store this chutney in an airtight container or glass jar and refrigerate. Use as an when required.

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  1. Deepa, bhelpuri chutney looks so refreshing and mouth-watering. And that gorgeous green color is making me drool. Mint and coriander and all spicy things really go so well together. Loving it. Can't wait to try it. :)