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Friday, September 25, 2015

Lord Ganesha's Favorite Dryfruit Prasad Recipe for Naivedya

How to make Khirapat, Panchakhadya Khirapat, Ganesh Chaturthi Special - Ganpati Naivedya Recipe, Lord Ganesha's Favorite dry fruit Prasad Recipe for Naivedya 

Khirapat is also known as Pancha Khadya Prasadam. Khirapat is a sweet Prasad offered to Lord Ganesha as Naivedya on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Khirapat is mixture of minimum five or more ingredients starting with "Kha" word in marathi that is Khopra (Dry coconut) Khadi Sakhar (Misri / rock sugar), Khas Khas (poppy seeds), Kharik.(dry dates), and khismis (raisins).

Khirapat is made in two ways. First recipe is very easy recipe and it is combination of three ingredients Khopra (Dry coconut) , Khas Khas (poppy seeds) and green cardamom powder. And the second recipe of Pancha khadya Khirapat, I'm proceeding to share now. In today's recipe quantity of prasad, ingredients can be adjusted as per your preference.

◾Recipe details 

⚫Cuisine: Indian (Maharashtra) 
⚫Category: Prasad 
⚫Course: Naivedya
⚫Difficulty: Easy 
⚫Serving: 150gm
⚫ Prep Time 10-15 min
⚫Cook Time: 2-3 min (dry roasting) 

◾Ingredients required ⬇

⚫3tbsp/ 50 grams Khopra (Dry coconut) 
⚫15g Khadi Sakhar (Misri / rock sugar)
⚫10 grams Raisins 
⚫7-8 no. Kharik.(dry dates) de-seeded
⚫20-25 Almonds 
⚫5-6 green cardamom 


▪ Step 1 - Mise en place

⚫Grate and dry roast coconut until slight change in color.

⚫Dry roast almonds, poppy seeds and cardamom together for 1-2 minutes.

⚫Pound Khadi Sakhar (Misri / rock sugar) in mortar and pestle (khalbatta).

⚫Deseed and chop dry dates..

▪ Step 2 - Grinding 

In a mixer grinder first coarsely grind dry dates.

⚫Add roasted almonds, poppy seeds, cardamom and pounded rock sugar.

⚫Grind them to a coarse powder.

⚫Add the grated coconut and mix well.

⚫Our Khirapat Panchakhadya is ready for Naivedya.


  1. thanks for sharing such a nice recipe.

    1. You're Welcome dear.. The pleasure is all mine.😆🌷

  2. Ganesh Chathurthi wishes. Sorry to have wished you so late.
    Pinned this prasad for Lord Ganesh at my home.
    Its been quite long time i visited. Need to check all delicacies you added all these while

    1. Same here.. Thank you so much dear Smitha. Will hop to your webpage very soon.😆🌷