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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Amla Murabba

How to make Amle Ka Murabba, Recipe of Indian Gooseberry Preserve, Amla Ka Murabba

Hello friends,

I'm back with a new recipe of Indian Gooseberry. Sharing Indian Gooseberry Murabba Recipe with step by step photos. 

This is my third blog posting on Indian Gooseberry and I'm very much excited to share this recipe with you all as this is must try recipe for amla lovers. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation for Amla Chutney and Sweet Amla Pickle.

Murabba, Morrabo or "morabba" is an Arabic word which means to preserve. It refers to savory or sweet jam, pickle or achaar.

Amla aka Indian Gooseberry Murabba is a winter special best recipe which scores 10 out of 10 in all departments. It looks very beautiful and divine. I'm very sure the images attached to this blog post surely tempts you to prepare this recipe as early as possible.

It is very easy to make and the best part it tastes awesome and loaded with various health benefits such as rich in vitamin C, prevents the effects of aging, improves skin glow and complexion, improves digestion, works as a memory booster and brain tonic, and best food for our immune system.. Amla Murabba is an Ayurvedic Medicine and also known as Murabba-e-amla in Unani medicine.

The action plan for today's recipe is to soak amla in paan chuna (calcium hydroxide / edible lime) for 10-12 hours, then rinse and boil and then cook them in sugar syrup on slow flame until soft and glossy.

If paan chuna is not easily available to you then use alum (phitakari - फिटकरी).

If you want to know as why amla is soaked in paan chutna or alum! What is the science behind that, refer my earlier post where I've shared detailed information as why to follow soaking of amla in paan chuna.. Soaking of amla in paan chuna or alum means to get rid of bitter and sour taste of amla and at the same time it allows the fruit to be in perfect shape means it strengthens the pectins available in this fruit..

Refer this post - amla sweet pickle

Let's get started ⬇

☑ Recipe details 

⚫Preparation time 15-20 min
⚫Soaking time 10-12 hours 
⚫Cooking time 35-45 min
⚫Cuisine Indian 
⚫Type desserts / accompaniments 
⚫Difficulty level easy, but
needs dedication and proper execution.. 

☑Ingredients required 

⚫1kg amla
⚫1kg sugar 
⚫1tsp edible slaked lime /Paan chuna or alum (Phitakari)
⚫Pinch of sea salt
⚫Citric acid 2 drops
⚫1tsp green cardamom powder 
⚫few threads of saffron (optional)

☑ Method

Step 1 Mise en Place

◾Soaking of amla - Wash all the gooseberries and then poke each amla fruit with the help of a fork or knife in a few places. 

Dissolve paan chuna in 5-6 cups of water in a plastic container, now add amla and soak it for 10 - 12 hours.

◾On the very next day, remove the water from amla and rinse thoroughly under running tap water and make sure that all the traces of chuna are completely removed..

♨ Step 2 Cooking time

◾Boil 4-5 cups of water in a pan, add soaked and rinsed amla and cook until soft and translucent. Drain the water and keep it aside. This process will take 10-15 minutes.  OR pressue cooker amla and allow 1-2 whistles depending on the quality of amla.

◾Prepare sugar syrup by adding sugar, cardamom powder and saffron color and six cups of water in a thick bottomed pan. Add amla and pinch of salt. Cook on slow flame for 30-35  minutes until sugar syrup thickens. Take off from a gas stove. Let it cool completely add citric acid mix well and then transfer in a sterilized airtight glass jar and store in a cool and dry place. 

☑ Note:

I am sharing one more amla Murabba recipe which I've found unique and very interesting.

Another method of preparing amla Murabba.. 

As per this recipe first day after making sugar syrup soak amla in that syrup and then for 4 consecutive days, cook only amla syrup after removing amla from syrup and strictly mentioned as to cook only syrup and not amla. As that recipe helps you to preserve amla Murabba for longer period. This recipe needs more dedication and patience...

♦ Images of first day after preparation 

First day look of amla
with this cooking method

♦ Images of second day - reheat only sugar syrup - after removing amla from the syrup and then cook syrup for 8-10 on slow flame and add amla  back to syrup..


I had used both the methods of cooking. The first recipe is quick and end product was awesomely tempting and attractive in appreance. Amla prepared in this method has soft, crunchy, chewable and very pleasing taste.

Second method gives you very soft, creamy  and smooth amla. In taste department  both are at par, no big difference..

Hence choose according and select cooking method whichever suits you the most.


  1. Good.share more as easy home made verity.

  2. Good.share more as easy home made verity.

  3. looks so to try it soon, beautiful share dear :)

  4. This will be in my to do list until i get a bunch of amla. Such a healthy pickle i will never miss to prepare

  5. Good share Deepa :) your Amla murabba looking like Gulab jamun :) that much tempting !! will try this sure !!

  6. Why does it needs to be soaked in chuna paani?


    1. When amla is soaked in paan chuna, the calcium available in slaked lime improves the firmness and reinforces the pectin available in the amla fruit. As you all know Pan chuna is extremely alkaline and will neutralize the acid.