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Monday, January 25, 2016

Sindhi Tahiri

How to make Sindhi Tahiri, Sindhi Authentic Recipe - Taahiri, Jaggery Rice, gur ke chawal, gur ji taaheri, Meethe gur walay chawal, New year recipe - Traditional Aromatic Sindhi Sweet Rice.

Sindhi Tahiri - A Traditional, Aromatic, Authentic Sindhi Sweet Rice Recipe with step by step photos.

Today I'm going to share Sindhi authentic recipe which is cooked with rice and jaggery or sugar and flavored with fennel seeds, black currants, cashew nuts and dry coconut slices.

Tahiri is a traditional Sindhi Sweet Rice recipe prepared on many occasions in Sindhi houses as a ritual. It could be Makar Sankranti or the arrival of the Sindhi New Year i.e Cheti Chand, or arrival of a new baby in the home, or wedding rituals followed in Sindhi houses one day prior to the marriage.

Sindhi Tahiri rice recipe resembles with Punjabi Rice Recipe Gur wale chawal and South Asian Sweet dish Zarda Rice. .. But each recipe has its own charm and different from each other as main reason is the role of the main ingredients which goes into each recipe. 

Tahiri word actually means slow / indirect dum pukut cooking.. Jaggery which is added in this recipe, has the tendency to stick to the bottom of the pan, so slow (indirect) cooking method is followed on this rice preparation. 

This recipe looks simple and very easy to make, but actually it needs good execution. The recipe which I'm going to share now will help you to make perfect Sindhi Tahiri.

In the authentic Sindhi Tahiri recipe, normally dark brown color jaggery is used and the addition of saffron or color is optional. But I have used soft / chikki jaggery, which was available to me and added saffron color too, as that's what I have observed till today as my mom always add saffron or color to this Tahiri recipe and many other sweet preparations. 

Let's get started ⬇

☑ Recipe details 

⚫Cuisine - Sindhi (Indian)
⚫Type - Sweet Dish / Festive preparation 
⚫Recipe difficulty level - medium
⚫Preparation time 3-5 min
⚫Rice soaking time 30-35 min
⚫Cooking time 20-25 min
⚫Serving 4

☑ Ingredients required 

  • 1 cup/ 230 grams Rice
  • 130-150 grams Jaggery or as per preference
  • 2-3tsp sugar (optional)
  • 1tbsp fennel seeds
  • 1tbsp black currants
  • 1tbsp cashews
  • 20 grams sliced dried coconut (copra)
  • 1tsp saffron color
  • 2tbsp ghee
  • Pinch of salt

☑ Method⬇
♨ Step 1 Soaking of rice

◾Rinse the rice 3-4 times until the water runs clean. Soak the rice in enough water for 30-35 minutes. After 35 minutes - wash again, drain the water and keep it aside until called for.

Step 2 Cooking time 

◾Heat ghee in a pan, add rice, sauté for 3-5 minutes on slow to medium flame.

◾Add 5-6 cups of water, or add water considering quality of rice. Now add fennel seeds, sliced dry coconut, black currants, cashew nuts and pinch of salt..

◾Add saffron color. Cook till 80% water evaporates and then cover and prepare rice on slow flame until 90-95% cooked..

◾In the meantime, boil 100-150 ml water, add jaggery and cook on slow flame until fully dissolved... Cook this for 3-5 minutes and then filter it.

◾Now mix jaggery syrup and cooked rice. 

◾Gentle stir with back of rice spoon. Adjust sweetness.. If needed, add 2-3 tsp of sugar.

◾You have to put a griddle pan (tawa) on a gas stove and then place rice pan above it, gently stir, cover and cook on slow flame for 8-10 minutes till rice are nicely cooked and water is fully absorbed.. Don't worry if looks sticky or smooth in appearance. It's perfect.

◾Garnish with cashew nuts and black currants. 

◾ Serve it with Saibhaji and tariyal patata (alu fry).


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