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Friday, December 23, 2016

Amla Apple Fizz

How to make Amla Apple Fizz | Indian Gooseberry & Apple Fizzy Juice | Homemade Appy Amla Fizz | Apple Goose Berry Fizz

Hello Friends, 

I am back with one more winter special Amla recipe for you. Today's recipe is a very unique, interesting and delightful recipe of Indian gooseberry which will surely win hearts of your loved one's. Sharing Amla Apple Fizz recipe with step by step instructions with pics.

Amla Apple Fizz is very simple, super quick and easy to make. This refreshing drink is my all time favorite drink. My love for the Appy fizz started with the first sip of this beverage. That time my cooking knowledge was not good, but I was very curious to explore more about this drink.. And I still recall, I had also tried a homemade version of this drink looooong ago based on the taste.. It was not bad, but something was missing, which I was not able to figure out that time.. But now very confident and very much enjoyed this refreshing drink.

Apple and Indian gooseberry combination is an absolute winner. Did you know we can enhance the iron absorption in our body by drinking citrus fruit juices or consuming fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C. Apples and amla helps in improving the blood count. An apple a day keeps the doctor away is very famous quote which means eating nutritious food will make you healthier. But apples are not coming under my list of favourite fruits so I keep exploring to make it more desirable .

Let's get started 

☑Recipe details 

▫Prep time 5-10 minutes 
▫Cook time nil
▫Serving 1-2

☑Ingredients required for Apple Gooseberry Fizzy Drink

✔2 apples
✔2 amla - Indian goose berry 
✔Sugar syrup or honey as per your preference
✔350-400 ml chilled club soda
✔Pinch of black salt (optional)
✔Pinch of salt (optional)
✔Ice cubes

✔STEP 1 Mise en place

Apples - Washed - peeled - cored - chopped

Indian Gooseberry - Washed - de-seeded - chopped

✔STEP 2 -  Blend

◾Combine apples, amla, sugar syrup, 50-60 ml of club soda in a blender jar and blend until smooth.

◾Place a mesh strainer over the bowl and pour the blended apple gooseberry mixture through the strainer and then use a spatula to press the pulp against the strainer to extract the juice. 

◾Pour the juice into the serving glass, top it with ice and club soda.

◾Serve right away and enjoy this refreshing fizzy drink. Cheers!


  1. very interesting...and easy to prepare..

    1. Yes absolutely. Thank you so much Manasi.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒท

    2. I am in Florida with lot of citrus oranges, limes etc
      But I cannot find amla citrus...can you tell me how to get it please. I would love to try this thank you

    3. Hello Anne Packwood

      I'm sorry my dear friend. I really don't know how to get Amla in Florida. I understand lemon is not a substitute for amla, but in this fizz recipe you can replace it with 1-2 tsp lemon juice. I'm delighted that you loved this recipe. Please keep posting your thoughts and feedback. Thank you.