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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nimbu Pani

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Hello Friends,

Looking for a fresh, healthy homemade summer drink? Try this excellent, refreshing, awesomely divine, energetic and super delicious drink..

Nimbu Pani aka Lemonade aka Shikanji is a super quick, easy and excellent and must try drink for this season. There is nothing better than home made refreshing drink on a scorching summer heat. Summer season is the hottest time in nearly all parts of India.. Consuming this drink in our daily diet is not a luxury, but a necessity. 

Nimbu Pani is the most preferred summer drink in India. This drink mainly has two versions; one is Sweet Nimbu Pani and other is Salted Nimbu Pani.. 

The purpose of sharing this very easy recipe is that I love to try this drink using all permutation and combination and I truly believe sharing means caring.

This beverage can be enjoyed in the water as well in soda. If you're health conscious and don't want to go with sugar based recipe that you can use honey or glucose for this drink or go with the salted version of this drink. I relish both the versions of this beverage. 

Let's get started ...

☑Ingredients required for - Sweet Version 

▫2 tbsp sugar syrup / glucose / honey / powdered sugar or as per preference
▫2tbsp lemon juice 
▫1 tsp salt 
▫3-4 ice cubes
▫200-250 ml cold water /club soda

☑ Method 

⚫Take a tall glass, add sugar syrup, lemon juice, salt, ice cubes and water.

⚫Stir well and serve immediately 

⚫How to prepare sugar syrup

◾Take an equal quantity of sugar and water and cook on slow flame for 8-10 minutes till syrup thickened or 20% reduced.. Please note as summer is really hot in India so to store syrup for longer time it should be nicely cooked.. 

☑Salted Nimbu Pani - Shikanji

▫200-250 ml Water / Club Soda
▫1 lemon - juice 
▫1tsp sugar
▫5-6 Mint leaves
▫Salt to taste
▫1 tsp spice mix***
▫3-4 ice cubes

*** Spice mix is a combination of rock salt, dry mango powder, cumin seeds powder, black pepper powder and dry ginger powder


◾In a tall glass take all the ingredients except mint leaves. Stir it well, garnish it with mint leaves and serve immediately.


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