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Monday, April 25, 2016

Pomegranate Juice

How to make Pomegranate Juice, Recipe of Homemade Pulpy Anardana Juice, Super quick pulpy pomegranate juice.

Hello Friends,

Today's blog post is fun and super easy DIY post as how to easily remove the pomegranate seeds and how to extract pulpy juice. 

Drinking pomegranate juice benefits our health in a myriad of ways. Having Fruits in juice form in summer season means to get the healthy and nutritious pulpy juicy extract which is needed to stay cool and hydrated in this scorching summer heat.

Did you know that daily use of pomegranate juice may also help control blood sugar and decrease fasting serum glucose in type 2 diabetic patients. It also enhances beta cell function and good for joints health, heart health, reduces risk of cancer, works as an anti agent and reduce wrinkles, revitalize the facial skin, add shine and luster to hair.

In today's post I'm going to share how easily and quickly we can remove the seeds and extract pulpy pomegranate juice. I have used my 250 watts power mini chopper for this recipe.

Let's get started 

☑ You'll need 

▫Mini chopper 
▫Salt to taste

☑ Method 

✔Step 1: How to remove seeds

⚫Take pomegranate and cut them into quarters. Soak them in water for 10-15 minutes.

⚫After 15 minutes, process of extracting seeds will become super quick and comfortable. Or you can pull the seeds off under water with your fingers. As a result, all these rinds will starts floating whereas seeds will settle to the bottom. Get rid of the rinds and use a strainer to drain the water.

☑How to extract pulpy juice

⚫ Put 5-6 tbsp pomegranate seeds in the mini chopper bowl. Pulse for 30-35 seconds until pulp, juice and seeds are split up.

⚫Set a strainer over glass bowl and pour the seed mixture through the strainer. Then, with the help of a spoon, press it and take out the juice..

⚫Now left over seeds and pulp add back in the mini chopper bowl, add ⅓ cup water and pulse for 10-12 seconds and then strain and extract the juice.

⚫ Follow this method on the remaining pomegranate seeds. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and serve Immediately..


  1. Colorful and refreshing drink. Healthy too. Feel like grabbing a glass. Such refreshing to look at thos pics. Great post for summer

  2. Save a full glass of health n taste for me Deepa

  3. You made this pretty pink juice just for me didn't you? ;) This look perfectly sweet and and so full of healthy goodness. So much YES to this wonderful glass, Deepa! :)

  4. Pomegranate juice looks so refreshing! Perfect drink for this summer, lovely share Deepa