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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mohan Thal (Besan Burfi with Khoya and nuts)

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I am back with one more recipe for this Diwali which is one of the most popular and traditional Indian sweet recipe. The Interesting thing about Mohanthal it that it is made in different ways, or best suited words would be I guess every Indian house may hold their own version of this recipe which is completely different from the other..

The Mohanthal recipe which I'm going to share now is my version of this recipe and not the authentic Mohanthal recipe. I very much enjoy playing with the ingredients, my focus is always on to interpret the science behind cooking that recipe and recreate as per my cooking knowledge.. 

Cooking is all about using your own permutation and combinations. When it works that recipe become a super duper hit and if it doesn't, then again use another equation to get the best result. 

Some important points about preparation of Indian sweets. The correct ratio of sugar, ghee and base ingredient is very very important. If you are very confident about proportion, then the half battle is already won. And then adds up the roasting or cooking . Patience is key to success for making any Indian desserts. If you're in a hurry and want to complete some other work, finish that first as sweets making needs your complete attention. Multiple tasking is strictly not allowed when preparing any Indian sweets..

Let start with recipe details
◾Recipe details 

⚫Course - Sweets and desserts
⚫Category - Vegetarian.
⚫Level of difficulty - medium.
⚫Cook time 35-40 min
⚫Prep time 35-40 min

◾Ingredients required

⚫250g Besan (Gram flour)
⚫600 ml Milk or 100 ml thickened unsweetened milk or 60 g Khoya and 1 cup milk
⚫60-75 g sugar 
⚫50-70 g ghee
⚫5 almonds 
⚫5 cashew 
⚫2 tsp cardamom powder

◾For garnish

⚫Edible sliver leaflet
⚫2-3 pistachios 
⚫1-2 cashew
⚫1-2 almonds 


♦Step 1 Khoya preparation 

◾In today's recipe I have used very soft Khoya (thickened milk) Take 600 ml milk and cook on slow fire till it reaches 100ml.

♦Step 2 : Coarsely grind nuts 

◾Coarsely grind nuts and roasted cardamom, keep it aside.

♦Step 3 : sugar syrup 

◾Prepare sugar syrup of two thread consistency.. 

♦Step 4 : Dry roasting of besan

◾Dry roast besan on slow flame for approximately 8-10 minutes - until releases good aroma and slight change in color.

◾Add ghee and roast again on slow flame for 3-5 minutes 

◾Add nuts and cardamom powder and roast it for a minute or two. Add thickened milk and cook for 2-3 minutes, then add sugar syrup mix nicely and cook for a min or two..

◾Transfer this mixture to greased tray, press it with the help of Katori and then allow it to cool down and set..

◾Garnish it with nuts and edible silver leaf. Cut into squares and store in an airtight container. 


  1. Seems like a delicious traditional Indian Sweet.Love to taste it....

    1. Hi Amila,
      Yes, this is very delightful and healthy sweet recipe which gets melted in your mouth. Thank you so much dear, appreciate your feedback!