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Monday, November 9, 2015

Paan Kulfi

How to make Paan Kulfi? 

Sharing step by step recipe of very delicious, flavorful, refreshing, purely divine and excellent dessert recipe of Kulfi for this festive season. 

Paan Kulfi is paan flavored frozen dairy dessert from the Indian Subcontinent. This taste heavenly delicious and I bet you can't eat just one.. 

The fusion of flavors makes them heavenly delightful and must try recipe. I'm very sure you will also enjoy this recipe as well.

The paan is a Hindi word which means a leaf of the betel tree. The paan also means fresh betel leaves wrapped into a neat little triangle parcel after adding so many ingredients like Slaked lime, (edible calcium), Gulkand, Fennel Seeds, Supari, Mukhwaas, Sweet Coconut Flakes, Cardamom and many other spices.

◼Let's start with recipe details

◾Recipe details 

 Cuisine Indian 
Course Sweets and Desserts 
Level of difficulty very, very comfortable
Preparation time 45-60 min
Cook time 5-10 min
kulfi set/ freezing time 6-8 hours
 servings   4 kulfi

◾Ingredients required 

300 ml thickened milk or 900 ml full cream milk 
50 ml Paan syrup 
½ scoop cornflour.
1 tbsp milk powder
Kulfi molds

✔Step 1 : Boil Milk

◽Boil milk in a heavy bottomed or non stick pan until it reduce to ⅓ of the original quantity. 

✔Step 2 Grind paan syrup 

◽This step can be avoided but for proper blending and better taste I followed this step. Add milk powder and paan syrup and blend to smooth paste.

✔Step 3 Add cornflour in boiling milk

◽ Dissolve cornflour in half cup water and pour that in the boiled milk and cook until milk thickens. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

Then allow milk to cool down and then add paan and milk powder paste. It is more beneficial to wait and allow the milk to cool down to avoid the curdling of milk..

✔Step 4 add paan syrup 

◽Add paan syrup paste in milk and mix nicely.

✔Step 5 Transfer this in kulfi molds and freeze and allow it to set

◽Pour this into the Kulfi molds and allows it to set for 6-8 hours.

✔Step 6 Serve

◽Take out the molds from deep freezer. Place them under running water tap and then unmold. Serve immediately and enjoy .


  1. Looks so delicious.Thanks for sharing this interesting recipe...

    1. Thank you so much Amila. Appreciate your feedback.

  2. This is what i need right now. Kulfi in any flavor is awesome and cant be turned awy. Paan kulfi is new to me and i just cant wait to comment. Wish i could grab one

  3. You didn't add any sugar.. did you? Or does it come from the Paan Syrup?

    1. Yes, you're absolutely right. Only Paan syrup.

      The Paan Syrup, which was used in this recipe was very thick and sweet, hence sugar was completely skipped.