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Thursday, April 30, 2015


How to make Gilki Torai Chana Daal Ki Sabzi | Turai Chana Daal | Sponge Gourd cooked with Split Bengal Gram | 

Turai (Luffa) Chana Daal Recipe with step by step pictures – Sponge Gourd and Split Bengal Gram cooked with onion, tomato and flavored with Garam Masala Powder and other Indian spices.

Turai Chana Daal Ki Sabzi is easy, yummy and healthy combination of Sponge Gourd and Split Bengal Gram. It is easy to make and absolutely delicious!

Today I am sharing a recipe of Luffa aegyptiaca. Turai (Luffa) is a vegetable of the two species Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa acutangula.

Turai also knows as gilki, torai , Turi (Urdu), Galka (Gujarati), Kattupeechal (Malayalam), Porgonsali (Malayalam), Tori, tooriyun (Sindhi), ghosavala (marathi), Guthibira (Karnataka), Ghiatori (Punjabi), Tuppahirekai (Konkani), Neti beerakaya (Telugu.), sponge gourd, Egyptian Cucumber, smooth gourd, silk squash, Chinese Okra Smooth, Rag gourd and Water Gourd.

Let's learn to make Turai Chana Daal Ki Sabzi in an easy to understand step wise pictorial: 


⚫Cuisine: Indian
⚫Category: Vegetarian 
⚫Course: Main Course
⚫Difficulty: Easy
⚫Serving: 2
⚫Prep Time 5 min
⚫Chana Daal soak Time 4-6 hrs 
⚫Cook Time 20-25 min


⚫ 300 g Turai (Gilki)
⚫100 g Chana Dal (Split Bengal Gram)
⚫1 Tomato - finely chopped
⚫1 Onion - Finely chopped 
⚫2 Green chillies - chopped 
⚫1 tsp turmeric powder
⚫1 tsp red chilly powder
⚫2 Kashmiri dry red chillies 
⚫1 tsp cumin seeds
⚫Salt to taste
⚫1 tbsp ghee or cooking oil


♦ STEP 1: Soaking and pressure cooking of Chana Daal

♨ Wash and soak Chana daal for 4-5 hrs. Or soak it in a hot water for 2 hours. Rinse and drain away the water from Chana daal. Take a pressure cooker, add Chana daal add enough water to cover it. Pressure cook, allow 1-2 whistles. Open cooker, remove Chana daal in bowl, drain off the cooking liquid and reserve. Keep it aside until called for.


♨ Wash and peel the turai thoroughly. Cut lengthwise and then make small cubes. Please taste turai for bitterness, if bitter in taste, simply discard that part.

♨ Peel the onions and chop them finely.

♨ Wash the tomatoes and finely chop it.

♨ green chillies - wash and chop it. 


♨ Heat oil in a deep fry pan, add cumin seeds and Kashmiri red chillies. Allow the cumin seeds to splutter and stir fry the red chillies.

♨ Add the onions. Fry till onions are light golden brown. In between remove the red chillies for garnish.

♨ Add tomatoes and green chillies. Stir fry till oil shows separately.

♨ Add turai, mix well, cook on high flame for 3-5 minutes...

♨ Add the pressure cooked Chana daal along with broth, sauté for 2-3 minutes.

♨ Add dry ingredients i.e. turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chilly powder and salt to taste, mix and sauté for a min.

♨ Add 1 cup water and blend well. Let it gets cooked on low flame for 10-12 minutes until Chana daal is cooked. 

♨ Finally,  add garam masala powder. Serve hot garnished with red chillies and cilantro leaves.

♨Serve hot with roti or paratha or with steamed rice.


  1. This is so authentic Deepa! My granny used to make same chana dal but she always used lauki inste of turai. I bet this must be super AWESOME with turai. Now I am seariosly craving for this daal, and I don't have turai and lauki! :( Send me that bowl of comfort please! :)

    1. Hi Anu,
      Aww..Thank you so much my dear. A compliment from an amazing cook like you means a lot to me. Always love to see your beautiful, sweet, encouraging, loaded with lots of love feedback. I wish I could send you this Sabzi right away!:)
      You can use this recipe and pressure cook Chana dal, believe me, you will love Chana daal recipe this way. We many times prepare Chana dal using this method when turai, laukai or tinda is not available.

  2. My mom makes it like this but she adds lauki in place of turai..looks super yum! :)

  3. Great combination,looks yummy, great sabzi would love to have this anytime

  4. nice blog! Excellent recipe and great photography. looks so tasty recipe. thankyou for shearing this information with us!

  5. Very good recipe blog. Tursi is my favorite and we surely cook this while wife go her home.

  6. Wow, dal looks excellent and very tempting.

  7. This looks yum n lovely colour....

  8. Will try the recipe with turai. My mom used to make with brinjal and some times ashgourd. looks yummy