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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste

How to make ginger garlic paste at home | Quick & Easy Ginger Garlic Paste Recipe | How to prepare and preserve ginger, garlic paste. 

Today's blog post is another DIY post as how to prepare and preserve the ginger garlic paste. Sharing recipe with step by step photos.

Also refer - one minute video presentation of this recipe..

Ginger garlic paste is one of the most essential and religiously used ingredients in our Indian cuisine. It is very easy to prepare and taste much better than store bought paste. I tried a couple of reputed brands in ginger garlic paste, but just back off as really bad in taste. At last, after trying different permutation and combination, this ginger, garlic recipe worked for me. Having ready to use ginger garlic paste makes the cooking process super fast and enhance the food taste as well.. It gives pleasing aroma to food and loaded with many health benefits. Ginger garlic combo is not only works great on our immune system, but it improves our digestive system as well.

In today's recipe I had used lemon juice, turmeric, salt and cooking oil for preservation. I had also slightly cooked this paste for a few minutes to remove excess water, if any available in this paste.  I had used up both the ingredients in equal quantity, but it can also be used in 60:40 ratio. i.e 60% garlic and 40% ginger.

🌱 Let's get started ✅Receipe details 

  • Preparation time - 15-20 minutes 
  • Cooking time  3-5 minutes 

✅Ingredients required 

  • 100 grams of ginger 
  • 100 grams garlic
  • 1-2 tsp salt
  • A pinch of turmeric powder
  • 1tbsp lemon juice
  • 10-15 ml cooking oil

🌱 Method 
✅Step 1 Mise en place 

◾Ginger - rinse well - pat dry - peel - roughly chop it. 

◾Garlic - peel it.

✅Step 2 Blend it

◾Combine ginger, garlic, salt, turmeric powder, 5-10 ml cooking oil and lemon juice in a blender jar and blend it on the medium speed. If needed, add very little water and scrape down the sides as and when needed. 

✅Step 3 slow cook 

◾Heat left over oil in a fry pan. Add the garlic and ginger paste. Cook it on medium - slow flame for 2-3 minutes. Continue stirring constantly till moisture evaporates. Just leave it to cool down.

✅Step 4 store in the refrigerator 

◾Transfer the paste in sterilized dry jar. Place it in the coolest part of the refrigerator. Store in an airtight container and use when required. When required, use a clean, dry spoon and after removing required quantity of paste immediately keep it back in the refrigerator. Stay fresh for 3-4 weeks time.

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