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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Seyal Double Roti - Masala Pav

How to make Stir Fried Masala Pav | Spicy Crumbled Bun Bread | Sindhi Authentic Recipe - Seyal Double Roti | Crumbled Bun Bread Recipe in Spicy garlic coriander tamarind paste

Hello Friends,

I'm back with one more super quick, very delicious breakfast recipe for you. Sharing recipe with step by step pics..

Seyal Double Roti is a famous dish from Sindhi Cuisine. This is served as a breakfast dish. It is made with bun bread slices which are cooked in spicy, tangy and lip smacking gravy made with fresh cilantro leaves, garlic, tomatoes, green chillies and tamarind pulp..

Let's get started 

♨ Recipe details 

🔸Preparation time 5-7 minutes 
🔸Cooking time 8-10 minutes 
🔸Servings 2

♨ Ingredients required 

🔹5-6 Bun breads (Pav)
🔹10-12 garlic cloves
🔹2-3 green chillies 
🔹2 tomatoes 
🔹10-15 grams tamarind 
🔹A handful of cilantro leaves, chopped 
🔹1 tsp turmeric powder
🔹2-3 tsp red chilli powder
🔹1tsp coriander powder
🔹Salt to taste
🔹1 tbsp cooking oil

♨ Step 1 Mise en place

Cilantro leaves - washed, roughly chopped 
Tomatoes - washed - roughly chopped 
Garlic - peeled - roughly chopped 
Green chillies - roughly chopped 
Tamarind - Add 1cup water and tamarind in saucepan, bring it to boil - mash it with the help of spatula - strain it. Keep it aside until called for.

Tamarind water - Take the tamarind pulp in a bowl, add a pinch of salt, turmeric powder, 1tsp red chilli powder and ½ cup water - mix it well.

Bun bread - cut bun bread into bite size cubes or slice them with the help of scissor. Dip them in tamarind water and immediately remove it.  That's completely okay if all pieces don't get soaked in tamarind water. Keep it aside until called for..

♨ Step 2 Make green coarse paste

◾Combine tomatoes, green chilies, garlic and cilantro leaves in a mixer grinder jar and pulse for 8-10 seconds. We need coarse paste for this preparation... 

♨ Step 3 Cooking time

◾Heat oil in a frying pan. Add green coarse paste. Cook it for 3-5 minutes until the raw smell goes away. 

◾Add dry ingredients i.e coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt to taste. Add all the dry ingredients moderately as already added in bun bread slices.

◾Add plain bun bread slices first, followed by soaked slices.

◾Mix it very gently, cover it with lid and simmer for 2-3 minutes.. 

◾Serve it hot...

A quick recap...

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