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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Kaju Katli Recipe

How to make Kaju katli | Homemade Recipe of Kaju Burfi | Indian Famous Sweet - Kaju Katli Recipe with step by step photos | Indian Cashew Fudge Recipe 

Hello Friends,

Kaju Katli aka Kaju Barfi is sweet for all occasions. It is always a good time to relish this sweet. Sharing recipe with step by step photographs..

Did you know in every festive season, Kaju Katli is the best selling and most preferred Indian sweet. A box full of kaju katli is always demanded in my house as well. I guess the main reason for buying Kaju katli is that it not only looks very beautiful, but it's so light, healthy and less sweet compared to other Indian sweets.

Kaju katli tastes much better and more satisfying when made at home. You know the best thing about homemade sweets, it will give you immense satisfaction. This is actually very simple and easy recipe to follow with some do's and don't.. And trust me, after trying this recipe you'll love to prepare this again and again.. 

The recipe for success is simple - concentrate, practice & repeat.. Everything in life is practice, so does sweets.. Please don't give up fast and feel bad if things don't work the way you've planned. Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never give up.. I strongly believe patience is one ingredient, which is very much needed, when you try any Indian sweet recipe.

Some important do's and Don'ts for this recipe..

◾Keep cashew nuts at room temperature and then use. Avoid refrigerated cashew for this recipe.

◾Grind cashew nuts to very fine powder, but remember not to over grind it.

◾You need a good quality non stick pan for this recipe. 

◾Cooking should be done on low, to medium heat.

◾After cooking kneading of dough is equally important. Incorporate ghee at this stage as give perfect binding to the katli dough.

◾As dough is very hot to handle it is advisable to grease both the hands with ghee and then knead the dough. Start kneading when the heat is enough to handle, don't allow it to completely cool down as then difficult to knead. The ghee on hands work as a magic and you can able to knead very comfortably..

◾It is advisable to roll the dough in between two parchment papers.. But I have used aluminum foil as that was available in my kitchen. 

◾The sugar syrup consistency is very important as it should be in between one and half string. If sugar is not cooked properly then your Kaju katli will give you sticky feel when eating and if sugar is cooked more than required for this recipe, it will give you chewy, rubbery Kaju katli.

Let's get started

♨ Recipe details 

✅Preparation time 10-12 minutes 
✅cooking time 12-15 minutes 
✅Yield 15-20 kaju katli 
✅Cuisine  Indian 
✅TYype - Indian sweets and desserts 

♨ Ingredients required 

🔹220 - 250 g cashew nuts
🔹100 - 125 g sugar
🔹60-80 ml water 
🔹1-2 tsp ghee
🔹3-4 3" square pieces of edible silver leaflets - chandi ke vark in hindi (you can skip if not easily available to you)
🔹Pinch of cardamom powder 
🔹Few strands of saffron - optional

♨ Method 
☑Step 1 Dry roasting and grinding of cashew nuts.

◾Dry roast cashew nuts on slow flame for a minute or two. Allow it to cool down first. (You can skip the roasting part, if using fresh, good quality cashew nuts with no moisture and kept at room temperature) 

◾Transfer cashew nuts in a mixer grinder jar. Grind it to fine powder but don't over grind it. Keep it aside until called for.

☑ Step 2 Sugar Syrup

◾Combine sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat. Add water just to cover the sugar. Bring it to boil, cook it on medium heat till snow, bubbles start out to appear and when the sugar syrup attains 1 or 1½ thread consistency.. 

☑ Step 3 Add cashew nut powder

 ◾Add cashew nuts powder, stir fry on a slow flame until it leaves the sides of pan and forms a soft dough. Add a pinch of cardamom powder, mix it well. Please follow this step on slow fire. Switch off the gas stove.

☑ Step 4 Knead and roll

◾Grease both your hands, transfer dough in kneading plate, when dough is cool enough to handle, knead it well for a min or two. Incorporate a few drops of ghee at this point and then roll it on parchment paper with the help of rolling pin. Roll it to desired thickness needed.

☑ Step 5 Decorate and cut into diamond shape

◾Decorate the rolled dough with the varak - edible silver foil and allow it to cool down and then cut 1 ½ inch diamond shaped pieces using a sharp knife dipped in cold water. 

◾ Our Kaju katli is ready to dish out. Serve immediately or Keep them in air tight container for a week's time or till it lasts😍 normally it will get finished within 2-3 days.. Happy cooking,  cheers.. 😍❤👍🙏🌷

A quick recap 


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