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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kesar Malai Peda Lassi

How to make Kesariya Pedewali Meethi Lassi | Amritsari Malai Pedewali Meethi Lassi | Kesar Malai Peda Lassi

Hello Friends,

I am back with one more super cool, refreshing, wholesome summer special recipe for you. I'm talking about yogurt based drink which is sometimes sweet, sometimes savory, but always super cool and very refreshing.

Lassi is a sweet or a savory yogurt based Indian drink. It is a very popular, refreshing, super cool, rich, creamy and amazingly delicious perfect beverage in hot summers.

Amritsar, the city of golden temple is also famous for its Sweet Kesariya Peda Lassi. Kesar Peda Lassi is a wholesome, divine, delectable and a perfect drink to cool you off on a blistering summer day. It is prepared with yogurt, Malai peda, saffron and flavored with green cardamom powder and nuts.

☑Let's get started 

♨ Recipe details

🔸Preparation time 5-10 min
🔸Cooking time - nill
🔸Servings - 2-3
🔸Cuisine - North Indian

♨ Ingredients required

🔹250-300 grams Fresh Greek yogurt (chilled)
🔹½ cup chilled milk
🔹5-6 Malai Kesar Peda
🔹3-4 tbsp sugar or as per taste
🔹⅓ tsp green cardamom powder
🔹a few strands of saffron
🔹1-2 tsp chopped nuts for garnish
🔹7-8 ice cubes

♨ Method

◾In a blender, combine sugar and crumbled Malai peda, blend it for 8-10 seconds.

◾Add yogurt, chilled milk, 2-3 ice cubes, saffron strands and green cardamom powder. Blend till smooth, frothy and creamy.

◾Pour it into a tall serving glass, add crushed ice cubes, garnish it with grated Malai peda, saffron and chopped nuts. Serve it chilled.


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  2. Looks delicious love to try it, Thanks and look forward for more.

  3. Looking delicious and lovely clicks.
    Malai Peda in Sweet lassi sounds fabulous, can't wait to give if atry.

  4. Kesar Peda Lassi is looking so refreshing and so yummy😘 Never say no to this. Droolicious.👌😘🍹

  5. Wow! What a unique combination, sounds very interesting. Love to try this recipe.

  6. What a lovely kesar peda lassi recipe, looking very easy and delicious.

  7. Thanks for the detailed step by step recipe, will going to prepared very soon.