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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Grapes - Amla & Kiwi Fresh Fruit Juice

How to make Grapes Amla & Kiwi Juice Drink | Fresh Juice Mocktail Recipe | Fresh Grapes Amla Kiwi Juice 

A refreshing mocktail juice for the hot summers! Today's recipe is a sweet, tangy and refreshing drink made with a combination of three seasonal fruits to tickle your taste buds.

Try this sugar free, delicious, healthy and absolutely alcoholic free, interesting home made mocktail drink to quench your thirst

Let's get started 

☑Recipe details 

◽Preparation time 3-5 minutes 
◽Cooking time nil
◽Serves 1
◽Yields 1 drink

☑Ingredients required 

✔150 - 200 grams green grapes
✔1 Amla - Indian Gooseberry 
✔½ kiwi
✔2-3 Ice cubes

☑Step 1 Mise en place

Green grapes - washed nicely
Amla - washed - cut into small pieces 
Kiwi - chopped into chunks.

☑Step 2 Blend

◾Combine grapes, amla, kiwi chunks, and water in a blender and blend it till smooth.

◾Strain it through a strainer or muslin cloth.

◾Serve it in a long glass with enough ice cubes.


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