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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Amla - Indian Gooseberry Juice

Homemade Amla Juice Recipe | DIY Post - Learn how to make Amla Juice at home

Hello Friends,

I am back with one more winter special - super quick Amla recipe. Sharing recipe with step by step photos.

Amla aka Indian gooseberry is an amazing fruit and the richest natural source of vitamin C. It is also known as fruit from god. Amla word is derived from the Sanskrit word "Amalaki" which literally means fruit of heaven. Amla is regarded as a powerhouse of nutrients and believed it work wonders in our body. Here are some reasons to include this wonder fruit it in your diet..

Health benefits
◽Rich in Vitamin C
◽Good source of fiber
◽Prevent hair loss
◽Treat UTI infection
◽Treat infections
◽Reduce stress
◽Relieve constipation
◽Have anti inflammatory properties
◽Helpful for joints
◽Treat insomnia
◽Induce good deep sleep
◽Lower cholesterol
◽Regulate blood sugar
◽Promote strong teeth and nails
◽Treat common cold
◽Prevent respiratory aliments
◽Strengthen the lungs
◽Improves eyesight
◽Increase red blood cell count
◽Remove toxins
◽Make skin look younger
◽Tighten the skin
◽Boots immunity
◽It slows down the ageing process

Let's get started

☑Recipe details

✔Preparation time 5-10 minutes
✔Cooking time nil
✔Servings 2

☑Ingredients required

✔4-5 Amla - Indian Gooseberry 
✔1½ cup water
✔A pinch of black salt/ rock salt
✔Salt to taste (optional)
✔ 1 tbps Honey as per your taste

✔Step 1 - Mise en place

◾Amla - washed- cut into small pieces and take out the seed.

✔Step 2 Blend

◾Add one cup water, amla pieces and a pinch of black salt in a blender jar and blend it to a smooth pulp. With the help of a sieve - filter the juice. Add honey, mix it well. Serve it immediately and enjoy.

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