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Monday, November 28, 2016

Rajma Curry Chawal

How to make Rajma Curry Chawal | Spicy Red Kidney Beans Curry | Rajma Masala Curry | Punjabi Rajma Masala Curry 

Nothing can beat a plate of homemade Rajma Curry Chawal. It is an ultimate comfort food for North Indian food fans. Rajma Curry Chawal is a very popular protein rich vegetarian Indian dish consisting of Rajma aka red kidney beans which are cooked in spicy onion, tomato based gravy and flavored with Indian spices and mainly served with steamed rice. 

The plan of action for today's recipe is to soak Rajma for overnight followed by pressure cooking in fresh water until nicely cooked and then stir fry in the onion tomato based curry.. 

As you all know Rajma should never be consumed in raw and partially uncooked form as they are more toxic in nature compared to other beans as it carries relatively high amounts of Phytohaemagglutinin.

☑What is Phytohaemagglutinin (PHA)?

Phytohaemagglutinin is a plant protein which is found in certain legumes that can cause food poisoning. It means indigestion of raw and partially uncooked kidney beans. 

Therefore, it's very important to soak them for 8-10 hours, followed by cooking at high temperature for the right length of time. It is strictly not allowed to follow slow cooking method for a shorter period of time. Nicely cooked red kidney beans are not just good in taste but it has many health benefits... 

☑Health benefits of red kidney beans are as follows 

✔It's good for your kidneys
✔It is rich in protein 
✔ full of fibre
✔lower Heart Attack risk
✔Reduce your cholesterol levels 
✔stabilize blood sugar levels
✔ full of iron 
✔ good for memory 
✔ Boost energy levels

☑Let's get started - Recipe details 

✔Cuisine: Indian
✔Category: Vegetarian 
✔Course: Main Course 
✔Serving: 4
✔Soaking time overnight 
✔Prep time 5-10 minutes 
✔Cook time 25-30 minutes 

☑Ingredients required 

✔1 cup Kidney beans - overnight soaked
✔ 4-5 onions
✔3-4 tomatoes 
✔2-3 garlic cloves 
✔½ inch ginger
✔2-3 green chilies or as per preference.
✔1tbsp tamarind pulp (optional) or
✔½ lemon juice (optional) 
✔2-3 tsp coriander powder 
✔2-3 tsp red chilly powder
✔1 tsp turmeric powder 
✔1tsp garam masala powder
✔salt to taste 
✔1 tbsp ghee or cooking oil


✔Step 1 Mise en place 

Kidney beans - Soaked overnight - nicely rinsed - add fresh water in the pressure cooker, allow 4-5 whistles. Make sure it is nicely cooked. Drain the water - Keep it aside until called for.. 

Tamarind - Soaked in hot water for 10-12 minutes - Remove the seeds and blend it in a mini chopper and then strain the mixture through a sieve to remove fibers. Keep it aside until called for.

✔Vegetable cutting 

◾Onions - peeled - finely chopped 
Tomatoes - washed - roughly chopped 
Ginger washed, peeled and chopped 
Garlic peeled and chopped 
Green chilies washed and finely chopped .

✔Step 2 - Tomato and g3 paste

◾In a mixer grinder jar, add chopped tomatoes, green chilies, chopped ginger and garlic cloves and pulse for 15-20 seconds..

☑Step 2 Cooking time

◾Heat oil in a deep fry pan over medium heat, add finely chopped onions, Stir fry it on medium to high flame till turns golden brown.

◾Add ginger - garlic - green chilly- tomato puree. Cook it on high flame for a minute or two and then cover it with lid and simmer until tomatoes are nicely cooked. 

◾Add coriander powder, red chilly powder, turmeric powder and salt to taste. Mix well and cook it for a minute or two. 

◾Add water as per the consistency needed. 

◾Add Rajma beans and garam masala powder. Cook for a minute or two. 

◾Lastly add tamarind pulp, mix it well.. 

◾Cook on slow flame for 8-10 minutes, till oil separates.. 

◾Our delicious rajma curry is ready to dish out. Serve hot with steamed rice.


  1. Rajma curry looks amazing and mouthwatering...rajma is usually my personal fav... I liked ur serving bowl...looks excellent.

    1. Thank you so much dear Jeena for this lovely feedback... Very much appreciated. ๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

      About Serving bowls - it is actually Insulated 3 Layer Lunch Box, I loved the color and quality sooo much, that immediately picked up for food photography..

  2. Loved your serving bowl too much...nice pink, and your dish amazing!!!

    1. Thank you so much dear for this lovely feedback... Very much appreciated. ๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘