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Monday, September 5, 2016

Homemade Red Chili Flakes- DIY Recipe

How to make red chili flakes at home | Homemade crushed pepper flakes | Super quick, easy recipe of red chili flakes at home.

Hello Friends,

Today's blog post  is a DIY Post. Sharing recipe with step by step pictures.

A penny saved is a penny earned. I'm in complete sync with the above quote.. I truly believe it's not what we have makes us rich, but how we spend and save... Being a smart shopper is a first step of getting rich. 

Making chili flakes at home is not only easy, but also very economical . I did the cost comparison and got very much surprised as we pay 60-80% more when going with ready-made chili flakes.. Chilli flakes are like necessity and essential cooking ingredient for me as not only used in pizza topping, but it works great on cheese sandwiches veg handi recipes, even i love to add them in my kanda bhajia .. I have been following home made chili flakes from very long time... Very recently I had shared Paneer Handi recipe that time I realized... that I must partake in this chili flakes recipe.

☑Let's get started 

▫Preparation time 5-10 minutes 
▫Cooking time 5-10 minutes 
▫Type DIY post

☑Ingredients required 

▫Whole dried red chilies


◾Dry roast the red chillies on slow flame for 3-4 minutes till it turns crispy.. Allow it to cool down completely..

◾Remove the stems, transfer the red chilies in the mixer grinder jar. Use the pulse button in your mixer grinder machine and grind it for 10-12 seconds.. After that, transfer into the airtight container, use as and when required..