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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Strawberry Yogurt

How to make strawberry yogurt, Super quick and easy recipe of strawberry yogurt..

Strawberry yogurt is one of the most scrumptious, healthy and one of the best recipes of strawberry. Sharing super cool and very easy recipe with step by step pictures. 

As you all know that February is the month of love. February is also the month of strawberries.. Yes, here in this part of world fresh strawberries are available only in this month.. And I am so much in love with this fruit that I always wait desperately for this queen of fruits. The recipe which I'm sharing now has a divine and scrumptious taste.

This recipe is very simple, yet unique and special. Now the question comes in mind what so special with this recipe. Well the new thing is the method used for this preparation. I have used very famous technique cut and fold which is primarily used in cake preparation.. I'm going to follow fold method for this strawberry yogurt. To fold is a technique applied for blending two mixtures where one mixture is light and the other is heavier.. The intent of adopting this technique is to retain the strawberry color. If you'll blend strawberry and yogurt nicely, then it will give you pink color yogurt, whereas by following fold technique, I have successfully retained the strawberry color.

Let's get started 

☑ Recipe details 

⚫Preparation time - 10-12 minutes 
⚫Cooking time - nil
⚫Recipe type - Accompaniments /Breakfast smoothie
⚫Recipe difficulty level - easy

☑ Ingredients required 

⚫1 cup sweet Greek yogurt
⚫15-20 Strawberries 
⚫2tsp powdered sugar (for yogurt)
⚫2-3 tbsp sugar or as per taste For Strawberry) 
⚫Pinch of salt

☑ Method
♨ Step 1 Mise en place 

◾Strawberries rinsed - hulled and sliced and then add sliced strawberries, sugar and pinch of salt and blend until smooth.

◾greek yogurt - whisked with 2tsp powdered sugar .

♨ Step 2 mix and serve

◾Use fold method and gently mix strawberries puree and whisked curd, finally garnish with sliced strawberry.  Serve chilled.


  1. Wow, Beautiful and tempting color. I'm really looking forward to try this out. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks.

  2. This looks awesome deeps. I just cant look at this and patiently wait till i make. Very tempting