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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mango Jam

How to make Mango Jam | Homemade Mango Jam Recipe | Small Batch  of Mango Jam | Easy Homemade Mango Jam + All Natural Ingredients 

Today, I’m going to share a very quick and easy recipe of Mango Jam. A blessing in disguise is best suited quote for this recipe.. Before sharing more about this recipe , allow me to share something very interesting about the preparation of this mango jam.. This recipe was made with an intent to make the best use of mango which was rejected by home ministry after cutting it as not fully ripened :) 

As you all know the Alphonso Mango season is almost coming to an end after the first rainfall. Now, we've got new variety of hybrid Kesar mangoes which from appearance difficult to pick out as fully ripened or not.. 

I am very inquisitive by nature and love to read and explore a lot. Best described quote for my inquisitive mind is - An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin. My cooking mantra is to make the not so desirable food to the most desirable one and it feels really nice when things work in your favor.. 

Before making any fruit jam you must have good knowledge about pectin, sugar and acid content of fruits.. Sounds aliens, isn't it :) 

Pectin helps to bind sugar and fruit acid to form a gelatin. Pectin is basically a natural fiber in the fruits which is most concentrated in the peel of the fruits. 

When pectin is available in good amount in fruit, that result in a faster cooking and because of that we can able to enjoy natural fruit flavor. Lemons and other citrus fruits are rich in pectin, so zest and pips are added in jam preparation for faster cooking and retain fresh and natural taste of fruits. Pectin acts as a gelling agent in your jams and jellies; but remember it does not lead to the preservation process.. Lemon seeds are also an excellent source of pectin, they added in a small piece of muslin cloth to form a poly bag which is added in fruit jam preparation which are low in pectin. . 

Let's get started 

⬇Recipe details

⚫Prep time 5 min
⚫Cook time 10-15 min
⚫Recipe Type  Jams

⬇Ingredients required 

⚫1 ripe mango (approx 250 grams)
⚫60grams sugar (10tsp)
⚫80 ml water
⚫1tsp Lemon zest
⚫1tsp lemon juice 
⚫Pinch of sea salt 

Method ⬇

☑Step 1 : Chopping

♦Peel the mangoes., cut them into very small pieces or grate them..

☑Step 2: Macerate 

♦Macerate fruit with sugar for 8-10 hours or overnight. Macerate means mix fruits with sugar to extract the fruit juices. 

☑Step 3: Cooking Time

♦On the very next day, take a wide flat, non stick or heavy bottomed fry pan Add mango mixture, add water, lemon zest, lemon juice, pinch of sea salt. Mix all well together. Cook them on high flame for about 10-12 minutes. . Cook till it turns thick and leaves the sides of the pan. When you think it’s done.

Macerated mango pulp

♦Let it cool completely, transfer to an airtight sterilized gla
ss jar or bottle... you can store this up to 15-20 weeks. You can refrigerate it as well.


How to check whether the jam is ready?

To find out whether the jam is ready, put a small plate in the freezer when you start cooking process and when it seems ready, place the jam on a cold plate, and place it in the freezer for a minute. Use your finger to push slightly to examine if it sets.


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