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Monday, February 16, 2015

Fresh Pinto Beans Green Masala Recipe - Chitra Rajma Recipe

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Pinto Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) also known as Chitra Rajma (Chitri-waale Rajma), Printed Rajma.

Pinto beans are attractive beige colored and speckled with brown color is a member of the kidney bean family. Pinto is the Spanish word for "painted." When cooked, it turns a beautiful pinkish color with a delightful creamy texture.

My today's recipe of pinto beans is a very interesting amalgamation of fresh pinto beans and raw mangoes. I am going to cook fresh pinto beans in ground paste of raw mangoes, cilantro leaves, garlic and tomatoes.

I assure you this preparation will going to be super duper hit in your home as well, and will be demanded again and again. The uniqueness of this recipe is that I have added minimum required ingredients to enjoy its natural flavors and it is very healthy to consume.


  • Category: Vegetarian 
  • Course: Main Course 
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Technique: Pressure Cooking
  • Difficulty: Easy 
  • Serving: 4
  • Prep Time 15 min
  • Cook Time: 20 min


✴500 g Fresh shelled Pinto beans
✴7-8 garlic cloves
✴3 Medium size Tomatoes
✴1 Handful coriander leaves
✴3 Green chillies, finely chopped 
✴30g raw mango (Kachi Keri) 
✴1tsp turmeric powder
✴1 tbsp cooking oil 
✴ Salt to taste


✔Step 1 : Mise en Place

♦ Coarsely grind following ingredients : Fresh coriander leaves, tomatoes, peeled and chopped mango and green chilies. Add very little water if required. 

♦ Place the shelled pinto beans in a colander and wash under a running tap. Keep it aside until needed.

✔Step 2 : Cooking Time

♦Heat one tbsp cooking oil in the pressure cooker, add chopped garlic, saute for 8-10 seconds on medium fire. 

♦Add coarsely grinder green paste that is a paste of ( coriander leaves, chopped raw mangoes pieces, chopped tomatoes and green chilies). Saute for 5-7 minutes.

♦ Add turmeric powder, salt to taste. Mix well and then add fresh pinto beans and 250 ml water. Pass over the pressure cooker lid and allow 5-6 whistles and then let it get cooked for 2-3 minutes on slow flame. 

♦Open the pressure cooker, remove a bean and press it with a fork to ensure if it is cooked well. If it does, the beans are ready. Set the water consistency as per your need.

♦Garnish it with raw mango and cilantro leaves. Delicious Fresh Pinto Beans Masala is ready to dish out. Serve hot with Chapatti.

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Don't add a very fine paste of garlic, as that may result in sour gravy.
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  1. This looks DELICIOUS! :-) and so very nice, one of my favourites. Looks great!

  2. Why you have not boiled rajwa, as in dry rajwa i normally boil and then cook in gravy? Raw Rajwa recipe is unique and i will surely try this way.Your presentation and recipe is looking Very delicious and tempting.Thanks for share:)

    1. Hi Mitali,

      Yes friend separate boiling is not required for this pinto beans - Rajma Recipe. As it
      gets cooked fast as we are using fresh green Pinto beans for this recipe.

  3. looks amazing !!! thanks for sharing..will give it a try very soon deepa!!

  4. Love the unique idea! I think this will go great with any beans. Very creative indeed 😊

    1. Hurray!! Wow, very good to see your feedback on my blog post. Thank you sooooo soooo much for such a beautiful words of appreciation, it means a lot to me.

  5. this is good, thanks for sharing this author! in order to make it tastier please click on this link herein you can buy best quality rajma.