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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Neer Dosa Recipe

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Hello Friends,

Neer dosa is a very famous, delectable variety of dosa from the Manglore region of Karnataka. Neer literally means water. Neer dosa is a super soft, melt in mouth, thin, lacy crepes served as a breakfast dish. The USP of neer dosa is that it is prepared from a batter of running consistency which doesn't require fermentation. Today I am going to share one of the best recipes of neer dosa. Sharing recipe with step by step photos.

Do you remember the very famous song from the movie Baiju Bawra, sung by Rafi Sahab - O Duniya Ke Rakhwale, Sun Dard Bhare Mere Naale .... Ab to NEER Baha le. My daddy had the devotional audio collection and I use to listen these songs from my school days. Being a very inquisitive child, I use to keep asking meaning of words, I guess that's how I sync and connect. Though in this song neer means tears, but I guess when I heard neer dosa first time, I immediately synced neer word with this song... The neer word comes from the Sanskrit and Hindi word which means water.

Today's recipe is designed for my dear mom, as she is a very big fan of neer dosa. I have been working very seriously and religiously on this recipe from last one month and tried different permutation and combination to make the perfect and awesomely delicious neer dosa. And you know the amazing thing as what happened after my R & D on neer dosa, this become a super duper hit not just in my house, but in my sister's house as well. My niece and nephew very much loved and enjoyed this dosa. Wow, very happy and seriously never thought it will going to be blockbuster hit and so much appreciated..

Some very important points before moving ahead with this neer dosa recipe. This info is based on my cooking knowledge and what I had explored in this trial and error period. 

♨ The taste of rice in this recipe is very important. I had used super fine kolam rice for this recipe as it has a smooth texture and offers a bouquet of delicate flavors to our taste buds.

♨ Though I had not yet been attempted this recipe with new kolam rice, which are very delicious in taste, but sticky in nature. I believe they will work awesomely and give a yummlicious taste to this neer dosa recipe.

♨ Coconut in any form works great in this recipe and I strongly believe that fresh tender coconut, coconut water and coconut milk will make this recipe heavenly divine. I love to add two to three forms of coconut in this recipe and believe me it works great. Coconut give desirable softness and elasticity to the batter, which make this dosa unique in texture and also very yummilicious in taste.
♨ Add Lukewarm coconut milk for grinding rice as that also worked best for this recipe.

♨ Add very little coconut milk at the time of grinding as we need very fine paste of rice and then keep incorporating as required. 

♨ The batter of neer dosa resembles to butter milk means it should be of very thin and of running consistency.

♨ You need very good quality iron tawa or non stick pan for this dosa preparation. And tawa needs to be very hot at the time of batter pouring.

♨ This dosa needs to be cooked from one side only. You don't require oil for this dose preparation as can be easily cooked on well greased cast iron or on non stick tawa. 

♨ You need spicy coconut chutney or dry dosa chutney powder. This recipe can also be enjoyed with fresh grated coconut and jaggery stuffing.

♨ It is very soft, melt in mouth dosa preparation and my family use to compare the softness of this with Khandavi but khandvi is prepared from a batter of gram flour and yogurt.

☑Let's get started 

Recipe details

🔹Preparation time 10-12 minutes 
🔹Cooking time 20-25 minutes 
🔹Servings 16-18 dosas

☑Ingredients required 

🔸1 cup rice (approx 150-200 grams) 
🔸3-4 tbsp tender coconut or
🔸2-3 tbsp fresh coconut peeled and grated
🔸2-3 tbsp coconut milk powder 
🔸or 1 cup thick fresh coconut milk 
🔸1 cup coconut water - optional 
🔸1-2 tsp butter
🔸1-2 tsp sugar (optional) 
🔸Salt to taste

☑ Method 
♨ Step 1 Soak rice

◾Wash and soak the rice in normal tap water for 2-3 hours or until it turns soft and easy to grind.. 

♨ Step 2: Make Coconut Milk

◾Add 2-3 tbsp of coconut milk powder to 2-3 cups of warm water and stir well.

♨ Step 3 Grind and make a very fine paste

◾Drain the water from the soaked rice, transfer rice to mixer grinder jar, add grated coconut, butter and ½ cup warm coconut milk, sugar and salt to taste. Grind it to a very fine paste.

♨ Step 4 Add water and left over coconut milk.

Refer this Instagram video link for batter consistency.. 

◾We need thin batter of running consistency so first add leftover coconut milk and then add water or you can substitute with coconut water. Our batter is ready.

♨ Step 5 Dosa preparation

Refer this Instagram video link

◾Heat non stick pan and drizzle a few drops of oil and then wipe it with the tissue paper. Please note we need a very hot pan for neer dosa.. 

◾Pour and spread the batter on hot tawa slowly from a little height with the help of water drop shaped pouring spoon (spoon ladle), so that you get plenty of holes. I have used steam iron filling glass for this recipe.

◾ After pouring, do not spread or extend to the batter with spoon. Cover it with lid and cook it on slow to medium flame on one side only for a minute or two.

◾Fold it into half like chappati and serve immediately with coconut chutney or any curry of your choice.


  1. This neer dosa recipe looks so perfect. Amazing texture. Definitely going to try this very soon.

  2. Neer dosa is my most favorite dosh. This look perfect and gorgeous,
    Your recipe is really inspiring me. I would certainly try this very soon.