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Friday, October 7, 2016

Turai - Gilki Kalimirch Sabzi

How to make Turai Ki Sabzi | Healthy Recipe of Gilki | Turai Kaali Mirch Sabzi | Sponge Gourd - Delicious, Healthy post delivery food for lactating mothers

Hello Friends,

I'm back with one more Sponge gourd aka gilki aka turai sabzi This recipe is also known as post delivery first food.. Sharing recipe with the stepwise images in GIF format
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Today's recipe is very special recipe of Sponge Gourd and best suited for lactating mothers. But don't worry at all, this doesn't mean that you are not allowed to taste this food. 

This recipe is very healthy and tasty recipe and best suited for all the age groups. In fact, this is also beneficial for our elderly members of the family who prefer light, less spicy and easy to digest food. Try this recipe for your parents, they will surely bless you for this recipe..

I really want to apologize to all of you for not posting very clear images for this recipe. As for this recipe turai needs to be well cooked. Whereas for food photography it is big no, as difficult to guess which food is this and to be very honest, appearance of this recipe is not very tempting, but It is very delicious and you'll surely get addicted to this recipe..

☑What's so special about this recipe..

✔It is very simple and super easy recipe.

✔No onion - no garlic recipe.. 

✔It is cooked in ghee and flavored with cardamom powder and black pepper powder.

✔This recipe is not only tasty but healthy too, as fiber content is excellent in this recipe.

✔This recipe is prepared with only 6 ingredients.

✔Considered as best healthy food for lactating moms in our community.

✔Elderly members will surely love you and bless you for this recipe.

For today's recipe I have added everything in moderation... but you can increase or decrease as per your preference. Like if cooking for lactating mother - increase cumin seeds and ghee in this recipe. Most important - this recipe needs salt in less quantity so add accordingly.

☑Let's get started 

▫Recipe type - Vegetable - Main course 
▫Cuisine - Indian 
▫Preparation time 10-12 minutes - vegetable cutting 
▫Cooking time 15-20 minutes 
▫Servings 2-3

☑Ingredients required 

▫750 grams turai - Sponge gourd 
▫1-2 tbsp ghee
▫2-3 tsp black pepper powder or as per taste (12-15 ▫black peppers) 
▫1-2tsp cardamom powder
▫Salt to your taste
▫1-2 tsp cumin seeds

✔Step 1 Mise en place

Note - Please taste turai at the time of cutting and simply discard if bitter in taste. 

Sponge Gourd (Turai) - Washed - pat dry - peel - cut into small cubes.

Black pepper - Make fresh pepper powder using mortar and pestle.

✔Step 2 Cooking time

◾Heat ghee in a deep frying pan.. Add the cumin seeds. Allow it to sputter

◾Add finely chopped turai cubes. Mix it up well. Stir fry on high flame for 2-3 minutes. Passover it with lid and cook it on slow flame for about 8-10 minutes.

◾Carefully remove the lid, add pepper powder, turmeric powder and salt to taste.

◾Mix it well. Cook it on slow flame covering the lid until turai is nicely cooked and turai water is fully evaporated.

◾Mash it with the help of cooking spoon. Lastly add cardamom powder. Mix it well. Serve it hot with chapati.

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  1. You try you hands on all the healthy veggies Deepa... Love you plate..

    1. Thanks a lot for this very beautiful comment.. Very much appreciated. God bless you dear.

  2. Turai ki sabzi looks so delicious. Love how healthy and full of awesome flavors this is.

    1. Thank you so much dear. You are so kind. Very much appreciate your lovely comment.

  3. Generally we make chutney with this different way !! anyways, it's good !!

    1. Thanks dear, chutney sounds great to me, whether you've posted recipe in your blog!

  4. Nutritious and yummy gilki sabzi.

  5. This recipe is new to me, would love to try. Healthy and creative recipe.

    1. Thank you Neeta. Please give a try, you'll going to love it for sure.

  6. Whether tomatoes suits this recipe?

    1. yes, absolutely.. Infact I also cook this with tomatoes. Go ahead with tomatoes... no issues, Perfectly fine.

  7. This recipe is looking satvik to me!! Wonderful share! Black pepper and cardamom powder will surely enhance taste of this recipe!!! Yummy!! 👌

  8. Madam, how to follow your blog by email?

    1. Follow by email option is available on my blog page - on left side - above archive.

  9. Sabzi looks so delicious... Love the gif:)

    1. Hi,
      Good to see you back .. After such a long tine.. I still very much remember you.. for religiously visiting and sharing valuable feedback. Thank you sooo much Jaya and Sindhiya.

  10. This is awesome. Need to get my hands on turai soon. That serveware is awesome too.

    1. Thank you so much dear. Very much appreciate your lovely comment.

  11. priya @asmallbite
    Healthy share,too good.

  12. Iam sure to try this recipe as we are fond of gourds. Pinned

  13. a very healthy and delicious share dear!

  14. Do we have to peel the skin before cooking