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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Minty Mango Chutney

How to make Pudina Aam Chutney | Pudina Aur Kacchi Keri Chutney | Mint and Raw Mangoes Chutney 

Hello Friends, 

Today's blog post is one more mint recipe. After Boondi Mint Raita, Minty Chaas, Mint Syrup, Dahi Mint Chutney, yeah chutney to banti hai..😆😀 I mean it would be unfair to skip this mint preparation after sharing all the above.

Minty mango chutney is delicious, finger-licking, spicy, tasty and flavorful side dish recipe. It is super quick and easy  to make. It goes well with Indian snacks,  Veg sandwiches,  Chaat items and even with Tandoori preparation..

It is made with mint leaves and raw mangoes as a main ingredients.

Addition of coriander leaves in mint based chutney works great, as not only enhance the taste, but also controls the strong flavor of mint and give very nice and refreshing color to this chutney.

Adding onions gives a nice texture, flavor and volume to this chutney.. Do try this flavorful chutney and I assure, you will get addicted to this...

☑ Let's get started with recipe details 

⚫Preparation time – 5-7 minutes 
⚫Cooking time – Nil
⚫Type – Side dish / accompaniment 
⚫Cuisine – Indian
⚫Best place to store – refrigerator 
⚫Best time to consume – within 2-3 days

☑Ingredients required 

⚫1 bunch mint leaves (about 150-180 leaves) 
⚫1 handful of coriander leaves
⚫8-10 Curry leaves 
⚫1-2 onions 
⚫5-6 green chillies 
⚫60-80 grams raw mango
⚫½tsp sugar
⚫Salt to taste 


✔Step 1 Mise en place

◾Raw Mango - washed – peeled – roughly chopped 
◾Onion – peeled – roughly chopped 
◾ Mint leaves - washed - stems removed 
◾Coriander leaves - washed - stems removed - roughly chopped 
◾Curry leaves - washed
◾Green chillies - washed and roughly chopped 

✔Step 2 Blend

◾Take a mixer grinder jar, add all the ingredients mentioned above - mint leaves, coriander leaves, curry leaves, onions, raw mango pieces, green chillies, sugar and salt to taste. Add ¼ cup water or as per need. Blend until it becomes smooth. 

◾Transfer the chutney to a serving bowl. Our chutney is ready, store this in an airtight container. Refrigerate and use as required.


  1. Loving all your lush green recipes, and this one looks so refreshing and delish. Mango and mint goes so well together. :)

    1. Yes, absolutely.. Thank you so much dear Anu.:)

  2. I can smell the chutney. Love the combo. YUM!

  3. Never tried combo. This is totally new for me. Bookmarking this. :-)

    1. Yes, I'm very sure you'll going to love this.. thank you so much dear.:)

  4. Wonderful Color and looks yum. Great dip

  5. Great combo - mint - mango with a lovely colour....sure to try..

  6. Thank you so much dear Jeena.😃

  7. no need to fry mint leaves? will it taste if its raw? looks too yummy..

    1. Yes, absolutely. Curry leaves are normally used in fried form in many chutney preparation.. But mint is always added in raw form..