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Friday, April 3, 2015

Gulkand Kulfi

How to make Gulkand Kulfi | Gulkand Malai Kulfi Recipe with Condensed Milk and Gulkand 

Gulkand Kulfi is a summer special frozen Indian dessert made from thickened milk, Gulkand and Condensed Milk. Gulkand Kulfi is purely sinfully divine dish during summers and is an excellent treat for children and grownups.

Kulfi is more dense and creamier compared to ice cream. The main basic difference between the two is the method of preparation. Milk is thickened by slow cooking method till it sets out a desirable texture. As Kulfi is not whipped, that results in a more dense and solid frozen dessert, hence takes longer time to melt than the Ice-cream.

This Gulkand Kulfi recipe is again my creativity which is very much appreciated and relished in our home. This yummy, easy to make Kulfi is must try for each and every kulfi lover. You just won't believe how easy it is. Let's Learn how to make Gulkand Malai Kulfi. Step-by-step guide on How to Make Gulkand Kulfi


  • Prep Time: 10-15 min
  • Cook Time: 60-70 min
  • Category: Vegetarian 
  • Course: Desserts 
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Serving: 4-5


♦1500ml Milk

♦1tbsp Condensed Milk

♦ 1tbsp Fresh milk cream

♦2tbsp Gulkand 

♦2 drops Rose essence 

♦1tbsp Cornflour

♦4tsp Sugar (Optional)

♦Dried Rose petals – for garnish

◾Cooking instructions 

✔Step 1 Slow cooking of milk.

♨Place milk in a deep bottomed nonstick milk pan and boil the milk. Once the milk begins to boil, reduce the gas flame and simmer and cook for 45-50 minutes. Continue stirring in between, cook until milk starts to cut down more than half of the original quantity. The milk will hit a cream color. When milk thickens, switch off the gas stove at this point. Let it cool down slightly.

◾Step 2: Add all the ingredients and place it in the ice cream molds

♨Dissolve 1tbsp cornflour in 20 ml water, mix with thickened milk. 

♨Add 1tbsp condensed milk, fresh milk cream, rose essence  and Gulkand. Mix all very well. 

♨ Now cook this Kulfi mixture on slow flame for 2-3 minutes. Taste and add sugar if needed. Adjust sweetness as per your taste. Sugar can be skipped as we have used Gulkand and condensed milk in this Kulfi recipe. 

♨ When you cook this mixture, cornflour thickens this mixture and convert it to a batter similar to cake batter. That's exactly what is needed. If it turned out lumpy mixture incorporate milk to achieve desired consistency.. Switch off the gas stove and leave the mixture to cool completely.

♨ Pour the kulfi into a kulfi molds.

♨ Place in the freezer. Leave to set for 8-10 hours, overnight or till firm.

✔Step 3 Serve

♨Remove the kulfi molds from the deep-freeze. Let the molds to remain outside the refrigerator for 5 minutes. Unmold, Serve immediately and enjoy.


  1. I live in a cold country dear, but you made me feel like having summer already. I love kulfis and I also love rose flavoring in my desserts. That means this is going to be deadly combo! Super YUM! Looking forward for summer to try this kulfi! :)

  2. Very tempting and yummmy kulfi....

  3. So lovely yours.... mine was already melting while taking pics.... how could you nicely... so impressed I am....