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Friday, July 24, 2015

Lemon Pickle

How to make Nimboo ka Aachar, Preserved Lemon Recipe, Authentic Lemon Pickle Recipe, No Cook Lemon Pickle Recipe.

Sharing step by step lemon pickle recipe which is so easy and fast to make with just three ingredients that is lemons, salt and a few drops of mustard oil.

Today's lemon recipe is the base recipe. The perfect word would be Preserved lemon recipe.. As after the successful completion of the maturity period that is 4-5 weeks we will be going to make sweet lemon pickle and spicy lemon pickle from this base pickle recipe.

Today's lemon recipe is again my modified version of the authentic lemon recipe as the purpose of this modification is to speed up the maturation process. In authentic lemon recipe lemon are sliced lengthwise into quarters, but not trimmed down means good care is taken that base of lemon is attached and not trimmed down all the way through. And then stuffed with sea salt and lemon juice.

In today's recipe, lemons are cut into quarters and then mixed with sea salt and mustard oil. After preparation you have to store them at room temperature for 4-5 weeks. My preferred place to keep pickle jars is close to the kitchen window.

Lemons are available in India throughout the year. But I guess rainy season is the best season for lemons as very fresh, juicy, excellent quality lemons are available at a very reasonable rate.

Before start sharing this lemon pickle recipe I want to share more important tips related to pickling process.

1. Always use fresh veggies when making any pickle. Big no to vegetables, which are stored for three to four days or kept in the fridge and then pickled.

2. Vegetable should be cleaned and pat dried with clean kitchen cloth.

3.  Spoons, jars and every single utensil used in picking should be sterilized.

Let's get started 

☑ Recipe details 

⚫Cuisine: Indian
⚫Category: Vegetarian 
⚫Course: Accompaniment
⚫Difficulty: Easy
⚫Prep Time 10-12 min 
⚫Cook Time: nil

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☑ Ingredients required 

⚫10 lemons, sliced into quarters 
⚫ 2 lemons (juice)
⚫6tsp sea salt 
⚫2 drops mustard oil
⚫Sterilized glass Jar 


♨ Wash and wipe the lemons with clean kitchen cloth. Slice the lemons into quarters or as desired.

♨Stuff the lemon quarters into a sterilized glass jar.

♨Add sea salt, 2 drops of mustard oil and lemon juice, blend well. This pickle needs 4-5 weeks time to ripen.

♨Just remember, don't forget to give a shake, turn it upside down right side up for a few times in a day. Allow the jar to sit at room temperature for 4/5 weeks and then simply store in a cool dark place. Refrigeration is not needed. .

As said above, this lemon recipe is must to create different varieties of lemon pickles. I will be back soon to partake in two more pickle recipes of lemon.. Till then happy cooking :) 

To be continued. ..


  1. Oh Wow, Deepa! Thank you for this modified version of lemon pickle! I am loving this! YUMMY YUMMY Share! Send me a HUGE jar! :)

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    2. Thank you so much Anu.:) I'm so glad you liked it :) You are most welcome dear..