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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Arbi Fry

How to make Arbi Fry | Colocasia roots Masala Fry| Arvi root Fry 
Sharing super quick, easy and scrumptious recipe of Colocasia roots which are shallow fried and flavored with Indian spices.

Today I am starting to partake in yet another Arbi preparation. After Arbi Kanda Masala Fry, this is another most preferred Arbi recipe in our house and the best thing about this recipe is coming under fast to cook, good to eat recipes.

 This is a side dish recipe and goes well with dal rice.. It tastes amazing and believe me if you love taro root vegetable, you can't eat just one.. This is an easy version of Arbi Masala Fry recipe. The common names of this root vegetable are Arvi, Kachaloo, Colocasia roots , Taro roots, Arbi, Alu, Kesu, chembu, cocoyam, dasheen, Colocasia, elephant's ear, kachalu and Bengali Kochu. 

Let's get started..

☑ Recipe details 

⚫Category: Vegetarian 
⚫Course: side dish
⚫Cuisine: Indian 
⚫Prep Time: 7-10 min
⚫Cook Time: 15-20 min
⚫Difficulty: easy
⚫Serving: 4

☑ Ingredients required 

⚫500 g arbi 
⚫1tsp turmeric
⚫2 tsp coriander powder
⚫2tsp red chili powder
⚫ 1tsp dry mango powder
⚫60-70ml oil for shallow frying and cooking
⚫salt to taste


☑Step 1 Mise en place 

⚫Rinse the Arbi under running water. Boil and peel the skin and cut them into small circles.

☑Step 2 Cooking Time

⚫Heat oil in a deep fry pan and fry Arbi until golden brown in color. Drain to remove extra oil.

⚫Now in the same frying pan, add red chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, dry mango powder and salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients, if needed, add ½ tsp of cooking oil, toss it well and cook them in a slow flame covering lid for a minute. Turn off the heat.

⚫Serve hot with roti or rice.

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  1. This looks beautiful Deepa. I've never tried Arbi before, but it sounds amazing, especially with the chilli and mango combination - mmmmm!

    1. Harriet,

      Thank you so much dear. If you ever get a chance or arbvi is easily available in your place, try this recipe.. I'm sure you will love this. Have a great weekend ahead :)

  2. You are creating an arbi lover, Deepa! I so want to try these stunning and delish arbi recipe of yours! Lovely collection! :)

    1. Wow, this is excellent news Anu. Welcome to Arbi fan club. Today I am going to share one secret of mine, which will bring big smile on your face. . You know I can't hold my temptation for this Arbi recipe. This is the second time, I had nearly finished the bowl after taking the images, ha ha.

  3. What a lovely arbi fry recipe. Though I don't like arbi but looking at your pictures I will definitely try this recipe at least once. Very nice recipe share !!

    1. Superb, very nice Rachna, that's the perfect way to go. Very much appreciate your lovely feedback.Thank you so much dear. :)

  4. Arbi looks perfect fried. Red Color is appetizing. Serve with rice and curry. Its heaven for me. Pleasant memories of my native place brought live